winter styled shoot

lindsay + rob | wedding


Every time we go through the photos from this wedding, there is just a glow covering each and every moment. Lindsay + Rob’s jittery anticipation as they approached the [ ... ]

amanda + ryan | wedding


We had a grand time shooting Amanda + Ryan’s wedding. We knew Amanda’s family quite well, but it wasn’t until the big day that we met Ryan’s family. That’s easily […]

rachel + chad | engagements


We get rather excited about an engagement shoot when the groom-to-be suggests we all hike up to a lake in a canyon. And that’s precisely what we did – we […]

amanda | bridals


We’ve known Amanda for quite some time – so long you could even call her family.  In fact, she’s Jonathan’s cousin and it’s quite an experience to know someone so […]

rachel + chad | proposal


So if you’re caught up to speed with eb+jc, you might recognize Rachel in this crazy beautiful proposal shoot. Rachel, who we lovingly call RaRa introduced us […]

alison + gabe | wedding


Alison + Gabe’s excitement for this day was outrageous. These two are such a fun match and it was an absolute joy to experience their wedding celebration. Their reception is […]

lindsay + rob | engagements


Our urban adventure with these two was so much fun. We often find ourselves exploring outside of the city, so to seek out fun spots minutes from our home was […]

ingrid + caleb | wedding


Hands down, Ingrid + Caleb took the cake on the most entertaining first dance – and we’ve seen some good ones. These two had one outstanding celebration with their closest […]

winter styled shoot


Ironically enough, our winter themed shoot actually encountered a weather delay and we even were blanketed the eve of the shoot with beautiful fresh snow. It truly was a winter […]

blair + geoff | wedding


Goodness gracious – Blair + Geoff’s wedding was a glorious celebration. We met Blair just a couple years ago in the middle of Trader Joe’s produce section and to put […]

blair | bridals


Oh my wow, we adore Blair’s bridals. This girl is a stunning beauty and as a bride adorning a tailored version of her mother’s wedding gown, we can’t help but […]

lauren + jay | wedding


Lauren + Jay’s wedding day was an absolute joy. All of their friends and family were so ecstatic for this day, and it could not have been more beautiful. We […]