Individually, photography saturated both of our lives early on. 
From the moment we met, our time spent together often involved shooting alongside one another. Once we were engaged, our entrepreneurial spirits led us to pursue our love of photography together. We were immediately captivated with the relational aspect that portraiture offered, and shooting as a couple lead us to the idea that it would be outrageously fun to meet awesome couples and capture their love stories. It’s proven true over the years and we’ve been forever grateful for this leap we took moons ago.

As a relentless adventurer, EB is always in a passionate pursuit of unchartered territory. This translates into her ability to tackle & problem solve any challenge. No one loves a good wedding day more than this lady, and she’ll do everything possible to square away any Q&A before the big day so you’re free to celebrate to your heart’s desire.


Jonathan seeks to master the activities he loves, whether its an old passion, or a new endeavor. This means that when it comes to shooting weddings, he’s learned how to best adjust to any situation. Calm, and level headed, he is always striving to capture new perspectives, which creates fresh & exciting images that pump us up on each and every shoot.


Our close friend and creative comrade, Rachel Nichols is our newest secret weapon to the team. Rachel’s keen eye and attention to detail will infinitely bless each of our clients, and we are beyond excited to share her talents. She’ll be managing vital pre and post-procution elements, as well as assisting on specific shoots.

Frequently Asked

Questions + Answers

What equipment are you shooting with, and do you use film or digital?

Geek out moment – we shoot on Canon 5D Mark iii’s with a variety of Canon L series lenses so that whatever the situation calls for, we have the means to capture it best. 99% of the time we’re shooting digital, but we’ll give away a little secret – we have a love for Fuji Instax which can often make an appearance for instant film captures. Our Canon 5D’s handle low light excellently, but when the situation calls for it, we use Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flashes.


How do I receive my edited images?

All of our brides & grooms will receive all of their final edited images on a USB drive that is shipped directly to them. This USB will include both screen resolution files as well as high resolution files so that you can display the images any way your heart desires. For portrait sessions, you will receive screen and print resolutions of your files via an emailed zip file that you can easily download to your computer. Both portrait sessions and wedding day coverage include an online gallery that you can share with family and friends. You can also order prints from our online gallery at your convenience.

How many edited images will I get?

After culling and editing, we typically deliver about 100 final images per hour of shooting. For example, a 2 hour portrait session will receive about 200 images and a 5 hour wedding day results in about 500 final edited images – this includes full color correction and touch ups.

What does editing include?

Color correction and any subtleties are corrected after the shoot. We do some enhancements of our subjects that are appropriate and do not distract from the image.

How many weddings do you book a year?

We only book a handful of weddings a year (about 10-15) each year so that we’re never overwhelmed and so we can tend to all of our clients with the utmost quality. Since we have limited availability, it never hurts to contact us ASAP.

How do I book my date?

Great question! First, contact us to go over availability and pricing specifics. Before we book any weddings, we love to give our clients the opportunity to sit down with us either over a brew or via Skype session so you guys can get a feel for who we are since we’re a part of so many intimate moments. After that meeting, just email us with what you’re interested in and we’ll develop a contract to fit your every request. Signing the contract and returning a 25% deposit to us secures your booking. The remaining payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding.

Are formal family photos included on the big day?

Family is important to say the least, so we certainly make sure there is time set aside to snap formal photos of everyone together. We work with all of brides & grooms to have a shot-list before the big day so no shots are left behind.

What communication takes place between booking and the big day?

Preparation is a huge part of how we serve our clients with outstanding photography. We certainly don’t want to be pestering you on the day you’re getting married, so there are a few key emails that hash out any specifics so everyone’s on the same page before we even arrive. Not only that, but we’re full of helpful tips and suggestions to help enhance environments to make them photoready!

My wedding isn’t taking place in Colorado - do you travel?

YES. We’re often on the road for business and pleasure, so jumping in the car or heading to the airport is quite normal for us. In fact, we love to travel so much that we have sometimes been known to trade a portion of our services for the opportunity to embark on an adventure.

What do your wedding packages start at?

We keep it simple, and invite our clients to craft a package that’s specific to their needs. Our weddings start at $2,950, and can have any combination of portrait sessions, extra coverage, photo albums, etc added on upon request.